How to Diagnose and Treat Lymphoma Cancer?

The lymph system is a tubular structure branching out to all the parts of the body and is vital to
fight infections. Lymph is a colorless fluid that contains white blood Tissues (lymphocytes) and is
carried by the lymph system.

There are Diverse Kinds of lymphoma cancers and hence, answering a Query, how to diagnose and
treat lymphoma is a Excellent challenge. The most common Kind of lymphoma and the term that is used
interchangeably is Hodgkins disease and the Relaxation of the Kinds are known as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.


Although, there are several symptoms of lymphoma cancer, but they may be similar to any other
illness, making it difficult to suspect the diagnosis of lymphoma.

Some symptoms are:

Inflammation of the lymph nodes
Fatigue feeling
Weight loss
Recurrent fever
Night sweats
Once a Individual experiences symptoms, he/she may consult a physician, who may carry out the
diagnostic procedure to confirm the disease. The diagnosis will be based upon:

Thorough physical examination of the Individual
Inquiry about the complete Individual and family history
Physically examining the lymph nodes for any abnormalities present
Biopsy test to confirm about the malignancy present in the lymph nodes
Chest x-ray to Confirm any enlargement of the lymph nodes in the chest
Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) or Computer Tomography (CT) scan
Ultrasound examination
After the diagnosis is done and the lymphoma cancer is confirmed, then the Individual may further
undergo a few Exams to detect the exact stage of the disease.

Cancer Treatment:

Radiation Therapy - Powerful x-rays or any such radiations may be used to treat the lymphoma
cancer. The radiations are directed to kill the abnormal cancerous Tissues either by internal or
external radiation therapy. However, pregnant women are not eligible for radiation therapy until

Chemotherapy - This therapy Utilizes anti-cancer drugs to destroy the malignant Tissues in the lymph
system. The therapy may be administered through mouth, intravenously or placing Straight into the
cerebrospinal fluid. Although, chemotherapy may be observed in pregnant women, close Enjoy is
required to see any Risk to the fetus.

Vaccine Therapy - This is a new treatment technique used to treat lymphoma. This technique aims at
strengthening body's immunity to fight the cancerous Tissues. The medications used are directed to
Relaxationore the immune system and boost its defense Towards the malignancies.

Higher-dose chemotherapy in combination with stem cell transplant is another treatment Alternative lately
being considered. The technique is to replace the destroyed blood-forming stem Tissues in the
Individual with the donor stem Tissues.
Lymphoma cancer is Kind of cancer that affects the lymph system of the body. There are Close to 35
and more Kinds of this cancer. Hence, how to diagnose and treat lymphoma cancer is a challenge for
medical professionals. Like any other cancer, early detection and prompt treatment are vital.

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