What Is Lymphatic Cancer (Lymphoma) and Its Treatment Effects?

Lymphoma is the cancer of lymph nodes. Like all cancers, it is the uncontrolled growth of Tissue in
the vicinity of lymph nodes. Lymph nodes can be viewed as stopping points of lymphatic system.
Lymphatic system Essentially carries fighting soldiers to What ever areas of your body whenever the
body area is invaded or requires Support to fight foreign intruders. The lymphatic system is a
network of 'highways' starting from Under the chin to the back of the neck, to underneath the
armpits and then to the groin area and connects to the spinal cord.

Lymphoma develops as lumps at the node areas, typically behind the neck, armpits and groin areas.
Not all lymphomas grow in detectable areas. Once a lump develops careful monitoring is required.
Whenever a lump occurs, it can be caused by

1) viral infection, which can be Simply cured by a course of antibiotics and usually last only a
week or two,
2) Tuberculosis, which detected at Earlier Phases can Simply be cured, and which will require more
specialized medical care and treatment,
3) Cancer, which can only be confirmed by a biopsy. If there are several lumps that have been
growing for some time, it is vital to get the lumps checked out by a Hematologist. Hematologists
are specialized Physicians dealing with blood Problems. Lymphoma is considered as a blood disorder.
For other types of cancer, one would go to an oncologist.

Other noticeable signs are cold sweats at Evening, lost of appetite, drastic weight loss and
lethargy. Sometimes these signs do not appear as in my case except for the lumps on base of the
Like Countless other cancers, lymphomas are quite complicated and have different types and subtypes but
generally lymphoma can be divided into two broad Groups, namely Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins.
Hodgkins lymphoma is much more curable and the prognosis is very good.

Conventional treatment applies for Lymphoma - surgery and radiation - if the cancer is fairly
isolated typically only in stage 1 (more on staging After). Chemotherapy Used by radiation for
cancer that is not so widespread in the body. If the cancer is in a fairly State-of-the-art stage as in
stage 3 and 4, then a Entire course of Chemotherapy treatment is required, as was in my case.

Staging in lymphoma is different from other types of cancer. Stage 1 is cancer found on one part
in one section of the body either above or Under the diaphragm. If the cancer has appeared in more
than one place on same side of the diaphragm, then it has gone to stage 2. Stage 3 means the
cancer has spread to the abdomen and groin areas above and Under the diaphragm. Stage 4 means that
the cancer has been detected in the bone marrow. Stage 3 is already considered State-of-the-art stage.

Once a biopsy has confirmed that a tumour is cancerous, a CT scan is usually performed to stage
the cancer. In lymphomas, a bone marrow tap is usually done to check if the bone marrow carries
the cancer as well. CT scans are also performed at regular intervals Throughout Chemotherapy to
determine the treatment's efficacy. If the current treatment is not effective, Physicians will switch
to One more Chemotherapy regimen. At the end of the treatment, a Last CT scan and PET scan are
conducted to confirm absence of cancerous Tissue. The words "No cancerous Tissue detected" are the
sweetest words one can ask for.

Chemotherapy treatment can last between six to eight months and a month more to recuperate from
the onslaught of Chemotherapy. Most People today will give up work to focus on the treatment. As in my
case, Chemotherapy was once every two Days. The first week immediately after Chemotherapy is the

Most of the time, I was As well weak to keep awake. As time passed, strength returned and by the
2nd week, I could manage a short walk. After that the whole process starts all More than Once more.
Towards the end of the Chemotherapy, the body would have been pretty badly savaged by the Chemo
poison. One often lands up feeling very different after Chemotherapy, and it takes months to get
back toany normalcy. The speed of recMore thany from Chemotherapy Genuinely depends on one's physical and
Psychological strength.

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